Bathing Beauties Dress

Hello there, ¬†I’m so excited to talk about this dress. The fabric, the style, everything about this dress is great. Since it is getting to be summer I’ve been wanting to making more casual dresses. This dress was a great start to that.

The fabric came from the Facebook page “The Fabric Candy Shoppe”. The designer is Alexander Henry and right now he is my fabric designer all of his prints are adorable and unique. This fabric is a cotton called Bathing ¬†Beauties in the color scheme “makeup”. When I saw it I instantly fell in love. It was so perfect I love cool things like this, they are so different and not many people would think to use such bold prints on a dress.

It took about five hours to make this dress. I used about 3 yards of the fabric and some pink bias tape for my straps. Since I was just making it to wear and not for an event it wasn’t so stressful to make. I had a lot fun with it and really love how it turned out.

I did a photo shoot with Elocin Photography and I chose this dress to be one of the outfits we shot. These pictures are so great and I’m so happy that she did them for me.