Vegetable Dress

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Hey there! This is probably one of my favorite projects that I have made. This is  a simple tank top dress made with vegetable fabric from IKEA. I wore this dress to the Philanthropy is Art event for Columbus fashion week. At this event the fashion designer Adolfo Sanchez spoke about fashion, where its going and also the business side and how he got started. It was a lovely event the whole first hour was mingling and Adolfo went around to everyone and said hi. He was so nice and it was great that he took the time to meet everyone at this event. his presentation was great  and I had a great night.

For the event I wore this dress made out of fabric I got from IKEA. A while ago I was at IKEA and I was looking in the fabric section and let me tell you the have some crazy patterned fabrics. this fabric immediately jumped out to me because i am also looking for bold different patterns for my dresses. So then it sat on my shelf for a while and then five days before this event I decided that I was going to use this fabric. Knowing that in the coming week I was extremely busy I decided i was going to finish it that day. It took about 6 hours to complete this entire dress.

I used the same pattern I made for my caterpillar dress and my peter pan collared dress. I didn’t add a waist band because I didn’t think it needed it. I wanted to make it different so I was going to tie the shoulder straps but I forgot to add some to the end of the straps so I figured out a way to twist the straps to make it look like it  was tied. It’s just so cute and I’m so proud of it!

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