Homecoming Refashion For a Friend


For homecoming, I made quite a few dresses and for this one it was more an alteration. The day before homecoming my family was having a party at our house and I was talking with my friend and she was saying how she was wearing her sister’s dress for homecoming. Then she started asking if I had any ideas for how to alter it because her sister was way taller than her and they had happened to have just picked it up from the dry-cleaners. So she brought it in for me to look at it for her. I had her put it on and I just started pinning because I thought to make it shorter and easier to walk in I would take up the front as to make it a high low effect. The second layer was still very long so then I cut the bottom down so it was above her knees. I wasn’t originally looking to actually do the alterations but by the end of the night, there I was redoing the dress at 1 AM. A couple days later, my friend’s mom told me that the whole ride home and next day she just went on and on about how excited she was about me fixing her dress. I’m glad that it meant that much to her.

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