My Pattern Making Must Haves

I make most of the patterns I use, that’s mostly because I don’t like following the instructions in pre-made patterns. They are very confusing and cause you to take unnecessary steps. There are some things that I usually use in the making of my patterns and I decided to make a list for you.

  • Wrapping Paper
    • I use wrapping paper because it is cheaper than pattern paper and you buy it with 1 inch grid lines which makes it easier to make straight lines
  • Micron Markers
    • I use micron markers because other markers rub off easily on wrapping paper but they can poke through the pattern paper if you put too much weight on it
  • Omnigrid Ruler
    • I use this to make straight lines when I’m doing the outline of a pattern
  • Dritz Styling Design Ruler
    • This can be used to make curves for armholes and hips but I really use it for anything curve I’m doing
  • Any Pair of Scissors
    • I usually use my worse pair because my other pairs are really nice fabric shears

Making your own patterns is easy and fun. The end result is sure to make you proud.

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