Pretty Pinafore!

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Hey! I’m super excited on how this design turned out because I didn’t make any pattern for this and I also have never done something with box pleats. This is an amazing pinafore with text print fabric. I had a lot of fun doing this because it is a lot different then what I have done previously.

I’ve had this fabric sitting around for a couple months and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it and then I realized I’ve been wanting to make a pinafore for so long. The pinafore is made with 2 yards of a medium weight cotton that I got from It has text on it in black and I used all black thread. I used overall hooks for the strap attachment,  which turned out looking amazing.

It is completely made with rectangles so I didn’t have to make a pattern for it. I ran into a little trouble on how much fabric I would need for the pleats and had to add some to the back but luckily it’s in a pleat and you can’t see it that much.  It took altogether probably 2 days to make. This all came together very nicely and I’m so proud about how it came out.

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