Scuba knit/Neoprene shorts for my mom


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Recently I have been really into neoprene and wanted to do something with it. While at Joann’s, me and my mom were looking at neoprene and she pulled a bolt of the rack and said she loved it and I said they would make great shorts. I’ve never made shorts before and I was very worried because I’ve tried to make some shorts for me and the didn’t fit well. With my history of shorts fails I was quite worried about the end result.

Neoprene is a thicker stretchy synthetic fabric. It is very soft and doesn’t have much shine though it isn’t matte. It has a two way  stretch and comes in a variety of crazy prints. Joann’s does not have many prints but if you look at they have so many prints and colors. I bought approximately 2.5 yds of the fabric.

For almost all of the sewing I used my brother lock 1034D serger. Serging the edges was a great way to make everything look a lot more finished and professional. The only thing that wasn’t serged was the hem that was done by a regular machine with a straight stitch. I also made the pattern my self. I made for pattern pieces for the shorts, the front, back, and two pieces for the pockets.

They turned out better than I had ever hoped. They are very comfy and super soft. My mom really likes them and is excited to have an Abby Mike original in her wardrobe!

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