Pretty Pinafore!

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Hey! I’m super excited on how this design turned out because I didn’t make any pattern for this and I also have never done something with box pleats. This is an amazing pinafore with text print fabric. I had a lot of fun doing this because it is a lot different then what I have done previously.

I’ve had this fabric sitting around for a couple months and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it and then I realized I’ve been wanting to make a pinafore for so long. The pinafore is made with 2 yards of a medium weight cotton that I got from It has text on it in black and I used all black thread. I used overall hooks for the strap attachment,  which turned out looking amazing.

It is completely made with rectangles so I didn’t have to make a pattern for it. I ran into a little trouble on how much fabric I would need for the pleats and had to add some to the back but luckily it’s in a pleat and you can’t see it that much.  It took altogether probably 2 days to make. This all came together very nicely and I’m so proud about how it came out.

Scuba knit/Neoprene shorts for my mom


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Recently I have been really into neoprene and wanted to do something with it. While at Joann’s, me and my mom were looking at neoprene and she pulled a bolt of the rack and said she loved it and I said they would make great shorts. I’ve never made shorts before and I was very worried because I’ve tried to make some shorts for me and the didn’t fit well. With my history of shorts fails I was quite worried about the end result.

Neoprene is a thicker stretchy synthetic fabric. It is very soft and doesn’t have much shine though it isn’t matte. It has a two way  stretch and comes in a variety of crazy prints. Joann’s does not have many prints but if you look at they have so many prints and colors. I bought approximately 2.5 yds of the fabric.

For almost all of the sewing I used my brother lock 1034D serger. Serging the edges was a great way to make everything look a lot more finished and professional. The only thing that wasn’t serged was the hem that was done by a regular machine with a straight stitch. I also made the pattern my self. I made for pattern pieces for the shorts, the front, back, and two pieces for the pockets.

They turned out better than I had ever hoped. They are very comfy and super soft. My mom really likes them and is excited to have an Abby Mike original in her wardrobe!

Flower crown DIY tutorial

Hey guys! I’m very excited to share with you this super easy and super fun tutorial to make your very own flower crowns. Flower crowns are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit and with the variety of flowers out the you could make them for any occasion.

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So let’s get started with what you will need to make this:

  • Wire
  • Green flower tape
  • Wire cutters (you can use scissors but it will dull the scissors)
  • Scissors
  • Flowers (I used 19 flowers total)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliers if you want to use them


image4 (1)

Step One:

You are going to wrap the wire around your head to measure how big your flower crown needs to be. Once you have it then wrap the end around the wire but don’t cut it off of the spool yet.

image5 image6

Step Two:

Next you need to wrap more wire around the whole thing. This will help when you are attaching flowers to give them a place to go into.

image7 image8

Step Three:

Now you’re going to cut the flowers off the stems. I also used the leaves from the bunch I bought.


Step Four:

Arrange the flowers how you would like them to be.

Step Five:

You are going to stick the bottom of the flowers in loops and hot glue the on both sides.

At this point mine looked pretty empty and I had more flowers. So I added more flowers to make it look fuller.

Step Six:

Next you will cut off the little nubs poking out of the inside. Cut them off as close as you can so that they will not poke you.

image14 image15

Step Seven:

OK last step! you are going to tape and wrap it around all of the wire and make sure you cover all of the little nubs from the last step. once you get the end then you can wrap it around a couple times to make sure that it is secure and there you go! Your very own flower crown. Made all by you.


Melanie Martinez inspired peter pan collar dress

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Hey! I’ve recently became obsessed with Melanie Martinez, her style and her music. My favorite song of hers is probably soap or sippy cup. So I decided to make a dress that was inspired by her cute outfits. this dress is made out of cotton with safety pins and sewing pins on it. I also used white muslin for the collar. For the edging I used pink biased taped. The skirt is a full circle skirt and the bodice is a pattern I made that I’ve used for several dresses. Doing the hem in biased tape was a great alternative to hemming because you don’t have to iron it and circle skirt are just a hassle to hem anyways. the shoes I have on are gold slip-ons. I’m so happy with how this dress turned out, its so adorable!