rosewater fairy dress


Hey! This is an amazing dress i made. It is a strappy pink dress made from heavy matte satin and tulle in the color rosewater. Just like most other dresses I make I made the pattern myself. the skirt is a half circle skirt and the bodice pieces look similar to pedals of a flower. This dress came about when I found some tulle and draped it on my dress form I liked how it looked but I didn’t have enough to make a full dress so I made a trip to the glorious store Joann’s and found this great color didn’t match the other tulle I had used to drape the bodice so i decided the color was to beautiful to pass up. I ended re-draping the bodice with the new tulle and creating the whole dress. I had originally planned to make the straps blue but I couldn’t find the color I wanted and ended up going with an ivory color instead I am very glad I did because blue would have looked off I used it. I also made the flower crown I’m wearing in the pictures. All in all it turned out absolutely gorgeous!